The Canadian Football League (CFL) is to the NFL as Miller brew is to Budweiser. It’s a lightweight that can’t contend. Purple Kush For Sale

That is the reason the Cannabis association has chosen to depend on strategies like drawing players like Ricky “The Hemp” Williams and Onterrio “Whizzenator” Smith. The two players have been suspended by the NFL for infringement against its medication strategy.

Coincidentally, the CFL doesn’t test its players. That is the reason Williams has a sense of security in the Cannabis alliance.

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Ricky Williams was endorsed by the Toronto Argonauts. The group’s proprietorship said it was glad to have a good example like the “Hemp” on its crew.

Disgrace on the CFL for overlooking such ruffian conduct. I’m certain guardians are excited to have Ricky Williams as their youngster’s good example.

Onterrio Smith was endorsed by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers yet was cut as of late. The “Whizzenator” harmed himself half a month back and couldn’t recuperate. I surmise he believed that his whizzenator could fix his physical issue.

Incidentally, the whizzenator was the gadget that Smith was gotten with via Airport security. It is utilized to help a player veil his medication use.

Approach to go Bombers. Was Smith going to be an extraordinary good example for youngsters? We shouldn’t be astounded by the CFL’s activities. Canadians appear to be unconcerned to sedate use, particularly weed. Numerous individuals trust it ought to be authorized.

I’m dead serious. In late decisions in Manitoba, the pot party was on the polling form.

Everything sounds good to me now. I’ve generally addressed why the CFL grants a point for a missed field objective. It should be because of spot kickers being high on weed. They’re most likely seeing three uprights and the class needs to guarantee that they get at any rate one point for their endeavors (I’m simply joking).

Joking to the side. The CFL has become a joke. It needs to depend on marking degenerate tranquilized out football players that have become rejects of the NFL.

So the NFL is really an alliance of rejects. The CFL attempts to add energizing field football type exercises and rules yet it’s truly to cover the crude abilities of its competitors.