10 Things You MUST Know About Teeth Whitening

1. There is a teeth bleaching method that will work for you

Are you worried about discolored, spotted or yellow teeth every time you smile? Then there is good news. No matter what budget or how busy you are, there is a dental bleaching solution that suits you. There is everything between affordable, cheap, simple, comfortable teeth whitening strips for expensive dentures with dentists, and there is something that suits everyone. If you only spend some time researching, I’m sure you will find a solution that suits your budget and lifestyle … Take your time and review the solutions available and make no hasty decisions!

2. Teeth whitening is worth the time

Being confident in your smile is something we can not appreciate. Most contacts we make with other people start with a “smile” and if you have a white shiny smile, it increases your chance of being well-liked and you get better self-confidence and you are perceived differently in your environment. A whiter smile also makes you look younger and actually reduces the appearance of wrinkles and other things. A study conducted in 1998 shows that 85% of adults feel that a person with a less appealing smile becomes less attractive to the opposite sex. Tooth whitening is a big step in the right direction to make sure you are not a person with a “bright smile”!

3. Teeth bleaching is safe

The usual method of bleaching your teeth with hydrogen peroxide can not damage your teeth. In rare cases one can experience a temporary side effect such as anxiety or pain in the gum but it usually occurs within a week. Most of the time, irritation in the gum is not related to the teeth whitening gel without the splint / holder does not fit the mouth and scratches the gums. This means that teeth whitening is 100% safe and there are also recommendations from certified dentists who say it’s okay and behind its effectiveness.

4. You Can Reduce The Risk Of Side Effects

As you read above, some people may experience a small short-term side effect from the teeth whitening process. If you experience any burns in your teeth, allow them to rest for a few days and resume treatment. If the infestations continue, you can switch to a toothpaste that is made against just the teeth in the teeth. These toothpastes are often good because they help calm your nerves in your teeth. If you have a toothbrush, you can use it for a shorter period to reduce it’s chopping. It may take a little longer, but you will experience the same results!

5. You Can Experience The Same Result With teeth Whitening At Home As With The Dentist!

It may surprise you, however, whether you are using teeth whitening at home or going to the dentist, you will usually experience the same result. So why do most people pay thousands of dollars to bleach their teeth when you can experience the same results at home? It is usually because of “TO MAKE FASTER”. You are definitely experiencing the difference between the dentist faster because they have a higher concentration of the drug. Tooth whitening at home usually takes a couple of weeks while a dentist at the dentist can take only one or two bleaches. The difference is that you only pay a fraction to bleach your teeth compared to a professional treatment and it will be VERY CHEAPER!

6. Teeth whitening does not last forever

Generally, teeth whitening lasts for about 6-12 months. Of course, it depends a little on what the person eats, what it used for treatment and animal. Of course, dental bleaching will last longer than a bleach with a normal bleaching with toothpaste, for example. Most agree that a cheap but effective solution is a denture gel + denture that you use at home and can buy more gel when you feel it (refill).

7. Teeth whitening cream is most often a different type of product

The content of bleach toothpastes that are intended to bleach your teeth does NOT contain the active ingredient Hydrogen peroxide which is a must. Instead, they use small “stones” or “grinding materials” that clean the surface of your teeth and slowly remove superficial stains but also small layers of enamel. You may experience that you get a whiter smile but it’s rare that the toothpastes bleach more than 1-2 shades and it is very rare that you keep the white spikes a little longer 🙁

8. Avoid Food Stains!

The food that has the most color and pigment tends to dye. Soy, berries and chocolate can discolor your teeth. Drinks like coke, coffee and other dark soft drinks, tea and some juices can also cause stains.

There are a few things you can do to prevent these types of discoloring your teeth as much as before. A simple trick is to use coke / drink sugars to avoid getting it on the forehead. You can also chew gum and dare to keep them cleaner.

9. To brush your teeth hard and often do not make your teeth clearer

Unfortunately, it’s often the opposite of instead! Brushing too hard and too often with a toothbrush can lead to brushing the enamel instead. The thinner the enamel becomes, the more of the second layer of your teeth will shine through. And unfortunately, the second layer is usually the one that is yellow / brown. Having the yellow come true is not really what we want to accomplish. So if you want to keep your enamel and healthy teeth, brush a light brush with a soft toothbrush!

10. Avoid “Natural Tooth Whitening”, which may be dangerous or cause side effects!

There is a lot of bad information about teeth whitening … Some will recommend brushing your teeth with lemon juice or baking soda !? Maybe your teeth bleed a little light, but it also removes calcium in your teeth and weakens them so much that you risk a hole in your teeth instead. It is not uncommon for you to “think well” but instead it causes more problems than it does. Instead, bet on a REAL dental bleaching product!