Kenner Parker Toys Inc are surely seeking after each possible road to advertise their item, MASK. It was inescapable that it would show up as a PC game in a little while – the situation is hand crafted and TV animation changes appear to be the pattern existing apart from everything else. Centurions and Roadrunner have as of late showed up and Yogi Bear and Basil have effectively begun their excursions into the home PC. Free Coins For Toon Blast

Hello there tech association MASK is the cerebrum offspring of the splendid tactician Matt Trekker. Alongside his representatives, Matt has the work of battling the insidious powers of VENOM and forestalling curve scalawag Mayhem from arriving at his objective: global control. The hoodlums ha

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ve the high ground as of now – they have exploded a bomb that has sucked all the MASK specialists into time travels. Matt Trekker is the solitary individual from the group to get away from the impacts of the impact, and he’s set for save his associates. The mission includes assuming responsibility for Matt’s harmed Thunder Hawk float vehicle, obliterating the Venom snake base and safeguarding the missing specialists.

Utilizing a multi-load approach, four areas of territory are introduced successively: Boulder Hill in the current day; ancient time; the far future – and the zone encompassing VENOM’S base. Played over a multi-directional looking over scene, the four sub-missions contain their own specific impediments with regards to the dateline and call for somewhat various abilities.


The principal task is to gather the segments for a scanner that guides the route toward the specialist detained on the current level. After the scanner has been amassed, the components of a security key must be gathered, sorted out in a little riddle game and contribution before the scanner works.

Aside from these segments, ammo and fix packs are littered around the play territory, giving a valuable wellspring of support when the attacks of the VENOM powers negatively affect your flying vehicle. The abducted colleague and his veil must be found and delivered before Matt can get back to the time vortex made by VENOM’S bomb and continue with the following level.

The directions are attractive and thorough, with the situation disclosed in a simple to peruse comic book structure. Nonetheless, they do disregard to specify that MASK is multi-burden, and there are issues with the Spectrum form: ‘The program will load and run consequently’ – it does, but since the Spectrum has no influence over the tape engine, the remainder of the program keeps on playing yet not burden whenever left to its own gadgets. A minor niggles, maybe, however who needs to lounge around watching and trusting that each segment will stack? This issue isn’t found on the Amstrad form, and nor should it be available on the Commodore 64.