Teeth whitening – did you know this?

teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

All people have different primers on their teeth. A properly done tooth whitening can give whiter teeth and a beautiful smile. City Dental offers two different methods for teeth whitening. One method is a successive homemade look with specially made tooth rails for you. You bleach your teeth yourself for a few nights while you sleep. The second method is a clinic bleaching where we laser your teeth while sitting in a dental chair. With this method your teeth will bleach immediately. Read more about the different methods below.

Home whitening

Before starting your teeth whitening treatment, we will carefully determine if you need to remove tartar or if other measures need to be performed before teeth whitening. This check is included in the price.

Our dental technicians produce a pale bell completely adapted to your teeth. The shine will pick you up after 1-2 weeks. Together with a dentist or dental hygienist, you will review the treatment. You determine the strength of the teeth whitening and how to take care of your teeth during your teeth whitening.

A toothpaste gel is applied in the thin, customized pale bellows. Most people choose to bleach their teeth during the night and sleep with the skins, but of course it is good to bleach your teeth too. The treatment time for teeth whitening varies, depending on what results you want as a patient and what your teeth look like from the beginning. The most common is a treatment time between 3-5 days. Even after the first treatment, most people can see a change.

teeth whitening

Laser bleaching with Polus Laser Systems

The Polus® tooth whitening lamp is the latest and most advanced on the market right now. As the world’s most powerful halogen bulb for teeth whitening, Polus clinically proves superior results compared to plasma and laser systems. First, we will conduct a consultation, examination and coloring with the patient. Then a protection is laid along the gum edge. Then apply a bleaching gel (6% hydrogen peroxide) to the teeth. The bleaching gel is activated with the Polus lamp. The gel is replaced three times during treatment. The treatment time is approximately 60 minutes. When the treatment is complete, you will undergo mouthwashing, fluorotherapy and staining to see the difference.


A gentle treatment that removes discoloration and coatings on the teeth by air polishing with salt and water. Your teeth return to their natural whiteness and the whole mouth feels clean and fresh. The treatment is performed at the clinic.

To consider after treatment

Avoid stained foods and beverages for three days when the bleaching process continues, such as coffee, tea, Coca Cola, soy, tomato sauce, beetroot, curry, chocolate, colored toothpaste, etc. Also avoid tobacco and red wine. Drink plenty of water to quickly restore the balance of your teeth. It is also important that you are careful with your oral hygiene and brush your teeth morning and night, use white toothpaste and rinse with fluorine solution like Dentan.

Side effects

After treatment, you may sometimes experience anxiety, but these are transient and disappear within a few days. Some patients may experience a certain flame / color change or white spots, but this is also transient and disappears after about 1-2 weeks. Any flammability is due to the composition of molecules in the dentin (dental bone). If and when this happens, the enamel needs some extra time to become even in color after a tooth bleaching.