The 10 most common mistakes in teeth whitening (and how to avoid them)

teeth whitening

It is not at all difficult to perform a successful teeth whitening at home, but there are some mistakes that are still relatively common. Before bleaching, we recommend that you read about how the process works, what side effects it may cause, what to do, and how to avoid new problems. Here we recommend the most common tabs you usually do when bleaching your teeth with whitening products for home use.

1. Gets up too fast and the tooth bleaching may not work properly

A common mistake many do is to be too keen and not give the teeth whitening the time it takes to do a really good job. Some products have a working time of around 21 days, and in these cases one can not believe that the product will produce the result you’re looking for in just a day or two.

Home remedies usually have a treatment time of around 2 weeks, while a tooth bleaching pen gives full effect after first application. Mouth or bleach toothpaste needs up to 2.3 weeks. Note, on days 4-5, the teeth can also get a bit of yellow shade because the tooth bleaching “squeezes out” hard-wearing dirt these days at this stage u treatment.

2. Drinking wine and smoking at the same time

This is very common, especially when using a standard denture pen. When the effect comes straight, you do not think about it and maybe think that the dental bleaching is done, which is not true. When applying teeth whitening with an ink pen, wait at least 1 hour <before smoking or drinking wine. If you do not do this, it is easy that discoloration occurs or the teeth do not get as white as you might have wanted. Consider that it may take longer to achieve results if you smoke / drink red wine at the same time, even with a starter kit. Note that this does not apply to white wine, it is recommended to switch to white wine.

3. Do not check your teeth properly

Before bleaching you should check that there are no holes, infections or damage in or on your teeth. It may be disturbing to need to book a new examination, so wake up with a tooth whitening just after your annual check with the dentist, so you can be completely sure to avoid discoloration or straining afterwards. Please clean the dentist to clear all plaques by grinding it out or performing any other plaque removal action. Note that you can always bleach your teeth with the products you find here, whether you have holes.

4. Buying wrong teeth whitening or using the wrong method for the purpose

What do you want to do? Bleaching your teeth with laser can give completely different results as if you bleach your teeth with a denture kit. Consider carefully what results you want to achieve, how fast it will be, and how long you want to do the treatment. Most often, the teeth whitening that requires more than 2 weeks gives the teeth more durable results. The dentist clinic tandlä recommends meeting the dentist before doing this.

5. Has too high expectations and stresses

Expectations are high, especially if you bleach your teeth at home for the first time. But, keep calm and do not have too much expectation. Sometimes you can have a proper dark primer, or a lot of discoloration from long-term smoking, which takes longer to bleach and get rid of. Just keep pale at home until you get the results you need, or complete the treatment with a pale toothpaste that you brush with your day as the evening according to the usual mouthwash routine for best results.

6. Brush too hard with toothbrush

It is advisable to replace the regular toothbrush with a soft toothbrush while bleaching the teeth with a home kit. This is because you will not injure the gum while doing a dental treatment.

7. Uses incorrect teeth rails

Some dental rails can not be molded as they are only manufacturers according to a standard hard-plastic template, therefore whitening ™ recommends that you look up if the tooth rails are moldable, thus made in moldable plastic that is heated in warm water and then shapely molded after your teeth . Some teeth whitening manufacturers will give you an extra denture that you can shape again if the first one would be wrong. The top 5 best players with formable dental rails are Beconfident, White One, SimpleSmile, Dentway and Dentaworks.

8. Bleaches too long and / or too much

You bleach, and bleach, and bleach slightly to which closure leads to excessive white teeth, which appear too much. When bleaching, you should strive to get naturally white teeth, instead of chalky teeth. Teeth bleaching should always only melt and not shine so much that people think “Does he / he bleach the teeth, or? It really looks “. That comment you do not want.

9. Bleach periodically

Irregular teeth whitening is not the best when you aim for whiter teeth. Many interrupt the treatment or blemishes, which means that the effect is achieved much slower and the result will not be as desired. If you are traveling in the middle of a dental treatment at home, we recommend that you buy a denture pen that you can use on the go to avoid bad results.

10. You are not reading reviews

Do not forget to read all the reviews you can find on the internet. whitening ™ finkammar the entire network after reviews and write if we test the products to give a fair picture of how good a tooth whitening really is. Check out reviews from independent users, bloggers, test panels and the like. Here you can also find before after pictures as well as video reviews.

… also note that:

A teeth whitening lasts for 1 or 2 years, depending on the lifestyle and the primary color of the teeth before starting treatment. Ink every now and then when you feel that your tooth bleaching decreases, usually every two years or 6 months (depending on your method of bleaching). As a rule, a home start kit holds something longer than an ink pen, as the pen serves as a primary task to boost an already done teeth whitening or extend the effect of the existing one. Whitening strips and teeth whitening with laser (and laser machines) have the same useful life as a starter kit.