Scotch Whisky Produced in the Lowlands

In the event that you have at any point needed to search for whisky you may be confounded about the various districts in Scotland. For instance, what makes a Highland whisky not quite the same as a Lowland whisky? This is the first in various articles investigating the various areas of Scotch whisky creation. It is fundamental to comprehend about the various locales with the goal that an individual can completely value the uniqueness of Scotch whisky. We should begin our audit of the whisky creating locales of Scotland in the Lowlands. Balvenie Doublewood 12 Years Hong Kong

The swamps is a region that runs from the Scottish boundary up to Greenock, on the West coast and to Dundee on the East coast.

The vast majority of the Lowland single malts are utilized in mixed whisky, however there are a couple of prominent models worth dif

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ficult from this locale.

History of Lowland Whisky Production

150 years prior most swamp town had it’s own whisky refinery. A large portion of the refineries created whiskies from blended grains, however a couple of delivered great quality whisky utilizing unadulterated malted grain. Today there are just 3 refineries still in activity. These are Glenkinchie (close to Edinburgh), Auchentoshan (close to Glasgow) and Bladnoch at Wigtown on the Solway Firth. It is some of the time still conceivable to discover whiskies starting from the closed refineries – Rosebank, St. Magdalene, Littlemill and Inverleven


By and large, malt whiskies from the Lowlands are smooth in taste and don’t have peaty flavors that are related with other malt whiskies. Due to this these whiskies are alluded to as the “Swamp Ladies”, or ladylike whiskies. They can make an incredible aperitif.

Swamp single malts are very dry on account of utilizing unpeated malt and are light in shading. This is on the grounds that in the swamps there is certifiably not a characteristic stock of peat. Most Lowland single malts are triple refined. There isn’t a lot of saltiness in swamp whiskies in light of the fact that a large portion of the refineries are found inland away from the coast.

Assuming you are a novice to Scotch whisky, a Lowland single malt is an incredible decision.

The Distilleries

There are three refineries actually creating quality single malt whisky.

Bladnoch Distillery. The most southerly refinery in the Lowland locale, and thusly in Scotland. The refinery was based on the banks of the stream Bladnoch in 1817. Despite the fact that it has gone through changes in responsibility for years, it keeps on delivering some fine marsh whiskies.

Glenkinchie Distillery. Arranged close to Scotland’s capital, the Glenkinchie refinery creates a delicate, sweet fragrant malt. It takes it’s water from the Kinchie Burn (little stream). It is one of the six Classic Malts of single malt whisky. It produces 2 fundamental whiskies – it’s standard 12 year old and a 14 year old, which has been developed in Amontillado sherry barrels.